Photos from ComBots Events

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Note: These are picture of bots from past events. Not all bots shown may be attending the next ComBots event.

"Last Rites" delivers a lethal hit against "VD6" for a knockout in a heavyweight combat prelim round.

-Dave Schumaker (4288x2848)

Justin Billings (USA)
  is congratulated by Eduardo Ristow (Brazil)
  on his semi-final win in the heavyweight combat round.

-Alan Musselman (4320x2868)

Under the hood of a custom combat robot.

-Scott Beale (3769x2466)

Ace pilots have no fear of other robots!

-Sam Coniglio (1878x1286)

Brazilian Daniel Freitas learns he's won the gold.

-Sam Coniglio (2367x1918)

"Angry Asp" heats things up for "VD5" early in a middle-weight match.

-Dave Schumaker (4288x2848)

The audience is thrilled, shocked, and awed as heavyweight "Sewer Snake" knocks "Counter Revolution" out of the ring.

-Dave Schumaker (3063x2001)

Quick work between fights.

-Sam Coniglio (1500x1000)